Fine coating machine sale

Features of the M Series

This equipment performs surface modification by coating ceramic thin films.
By making full use of our unique "smooth coating technology" for coating,excellent film quality and high productivity have been realized.
This is an arc ion plating machine that has gained a lot of trust and achievements due to this feature.

Short process time

The arc evaporation method with high plasma density realizes high-speed processing and high adhesion. With a compactly designed 2SD evaporation source for multi layered films, short-cycle and low cost have been realized.

Smooth coating technology

Succeeded in reducing droplets while maintaining productivity, The smoothness, adhesion, and wear resistance of the coating have been dramatically improved.

Multi layered films

By adopting a 2SD evaporation source that can switch between two targets, It is possible to form a variety of composite and laminated films in a short time.
This feature facilitates coating film development for users.

Low running cost

By combining optimal equipment configuration and process program, Coating with excellent film thickness uniformity is possible in a short time.
Low running costs have been achieved by increasing the efficiency of material use.

Operability and maintainability

With a single button, the film deposition process can be automatically processed from start to finish. Operation management can be easily performed by data management function and self-diagnosis function. Maintenance is easy due to the large two-sided door for easy access into the chamber.

Reliable, safe and flexible

We have achieved high reliability and safety based on our track record of more than 30 years.
High backward compatibility allows flexible support such as upgrading parts.

Selectable arc evaporation source variation

2S evaporation source

Focus on the source of evaporation
Total control

  • Optimal magnetic field control
  • Precise atmosphere control
  • Cathode temperature control
  • Established a film deposition process that maximizes the above performance

2SD evaporation source

High-speed deposition of
multi layered films by target switching

3S evaporation source

Achieves redissolution
in high magnetic field

A high magnetic field is generated by the electromagnetic coil, and the metal evaporated by the arc is redissolved to reduce the size of the macro particles.

M series lineup and standard specifications

  M500C M500D M720E MF720
  M500C M500D M720E MF720
Machine model M500C-600 M500C-060 M500C-303 M500D-800 M500D-080 M500D-404 M720E-A00 M720E-0A0 M720E-505 MF720
Recommended coating zone φ500×H400[mm] φ500×H600[mm] φ720×H800[mm] φ720×H800[mm]
Number of evaporation sources 6units 8units 10units 5units
Evaporation source unit configuration 2S×6 3S×6 2S×3
2S×8 3S×8 2S×4
2S×10 3S×10 2S×5
MFA evaporation source x5
Attached Fixture table 8-axis rotary Fixture 8-axis rotary Fixture 12-axis rotary Fixture 12-axis rotary Fixture
Film formation method Cathode arc ion plating
Base material etching method Gas bombardment, Metal bombardment
Cathode size φ64Xt32
Number of doors 2 doors
Gas system 4 standard systems
heater standard equipment
Temperature monitor Standard equipment (2 thermocouple measurement points) Standard equipment (3 thermocouple measurement points)
Main exhaust pump Turbo molecular pump
Recommended installation space W4500×D5300×H3000[mm] W4500×D5300×H3000[mm] W5000×D6500×H3000[mm] W5000×D6500×H3000[mm]

Typical coating film properties.

Film type TiN TiCN TiAlN CrN AlCrN DLC
TiN Titanium nitride TiCN Titanium carbon nitride TiAlN Titanium aluminum nitride CrN Chromium nitride AlCrN Aluminum chromium nitride DLC diamond-like carbon
Color Gold Gray~Purple Purple Silver Black Gray Black
film thickness(μm) 2~4 2~4 2~4 2~4 2~4 0.1~20
Vickers hardness(Hv25gf) 1800~2200 2000~3000 2000~3000 1200~2200 2000~2500 15~70 (GPa)
Wear resistance ◎High load sliding environment ◎High temperature cutting environment ◎High load sliding environment ◎High temperature cutting environment ◎Sliding environment
Heat resistance(℃) 600 500 800 800 900 450
Processing temperature(℃) 400~480 400~480 400~480 400~480 400~480 150~300
Application example General cutting tools
General-purpose molds
Sliding parts
High-speed cutting tools
High-temperature molds
Machine parts/Engine parts
Cr plating alternative
High-speed cutting tools
high-temperature molds
Machine parts / Engine parts
cutting tools
Film characteristics general purpose Film Low coefficient of friction
high hardness
High temperature oxidation resistance Abrasion resistance
heat resistance
High temperature oxidation resistance Low coefficient of friction
high hardness

* In addition, the ITF coating machine can coat variety of films depending on the type and Layout of Evaporation source.