Fine coating machine sale

Middle range ModeliDS®-500

Representative model of the iDS series,
the next-generation arc ion plating system


The Advanced Coating System iDS®-500 is the representative model of the iDS series of next-generation arc ion plating system.

  • By installing the Steer one evaporation source, low material cost and high smoothness coating are available.
  • By adopting a rectangular flange, it is possible to mount a conventional 2S evaporation source or sputter source as well.
  • A high-power heater is used to significantly reduce the heating time of the base material.
  • The rotation table can be loaded/ un-loaded from either the front or rear door.
  • Adopts double filament switching system to prevent the risk of processing stoppage due to filament disconnection during gas bombard.
  • Designed to keep the surrounding environment clean by installing a dust booth. (Option)
  • Evaporator shutters prevent contamination of the target surface from another plasma sources. (option)

Standard Specification

Advanced Coating System iDS®-500
Recommendation coating zone φ500×H500[mm] Number of arc evaporator 9units(standard), 12units(maximum)
attached fixture table 8-axis revolution Coating method Cathodic arc ion plating method
Substrate etching method Gas Bombardment, Metal Bombardment Arc Evaporator Unit 2S evaporator,Steer One Evaporator,Sputter evaporator
Number of doors 2 Doors Process Gas 4 Lines (Standard)
Heater Equipped as standard Temperature measurement monitor Standard(3 thermocouple measurements)
Main Pump Turbo Molecular Pump Recommended Installation Space W5500×D6300×H3000[mm]
Weight Main frame weight Approx. 3200Kg
Power / control panel weight Approx. 2100Kg
Option Dust prevent booth
Shutter for Arc Evaporator
sputter Evaporator

Past combination table of systems and sources

Coating machine\Arc evaporator 2S Evaporator 2SD Evaporator 3S Evaporator Flat 3S Evaporator Steer One Evaporator MFA Evaporator sputter Evaporator
iDS®-500 × × × ×

After-sales support

We offer various services such as Inspection diagnosis ,parts exchange , on-sight service, overhaul to make customer purchased system to be stable, operatable, keeping performance.

  • Remote Support
  • On-site Support
  • Machine rental service
  • Technical support
  • Regular inspection, overhaulPDFPDF
  • Send back overhaul

ITF option

We are preparing many options according to customer's request.
For example, we manufacture fixtures that match the customer's base material, modify equipment, etc. Please feel free to contact us when you purchase the equipment, even after the purchase.

  • Alarm mail function
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote diagnosis

Advantages of ITF fine coating equipment

Since 1985, we have been developing Coating machine using arc discharge. ITF coating machine is based on high-voltage technology and vacuum technology, and the technology created by many years of research and development is applied. It is a coating machine with high performance such as film smoothness and excellent cost performance.


smoothness of film

ITF coating machine can keep productivity and coat high quality film.It reduces droplets that occur and stick, as much as possible and coat a highly wear-resistant film.
We have prepared sample coating pieces for various films.Please contact us


Lineup of coating machine model
and Arc evaporator

We will make the best proposal from various coating machine models and arc evaporator.
We will propose the most suitable coating machine for the film type, production scale, and budget of the customer.


Reasonable price

Each and every one of our machine is manufactured at our factory in Kyoto, Japan, under the ISO 9001 system of strict quality standards.
Most of the major parts are made in Japan and assembled in our factory, and basically sell to customer directly with more reasonable prices than other companies.